10 Steps to Getting Google AdSense Approval

10 Steps to Getting Google AdSense Approval
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1. Create a blog with custom domain on blogger or WordPress,
2. Publish at least 50 original articles of at least 800 words each,
3. Publish a privacy policy, about and contact page.
4. Customise your blog to show the menus, popular posts, labels or categories.
5. Don't use any image unless you created it yourself.
6. Pray to God and apply.
7. If they deny you, continue to publish more articles and apply again.
8. If they don't still approve it, publish more original articles and apply again every month using the same email address.
9. If they still refuse it, use a friends AdSense account. Or
10. Make money from other ways...sell ebooks, use content ad, revcontent, tabola, adnow, infolinks, amazon, and more.
If you have a question, submit in the comments below. I'll answer you immediately.
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How To Make A Background Colored Post On Facebook

Do You want To Make colorful Post On Fb Like i do?.
People  Like Jide ogunsaya, Alexandra Orah,Samuel Nwosu,Wap junior Already Rocking This Feature and ask how possible? .

The social network announced Monday that it is rolling out a new feature enabling users who post text-only status updates to add background colors to those posts.

The feature has been rolled out for Android users ,  all users will be able to see background colors that have been added to posts, and Facebook said iOS and the web will follow soon.

Android users now has access to the feature they can now see the color menu at the bottom of their status update composers.

It Is only Available  on Android Only For Now.

Now If You Can't Find The Features Follow This Simple Steps
 1. Update your Facebook app
2. Open Your App
3. Click As If You Want To Type And The Colour Will Now Show Up
4. Choose The color You Want And Type Your text.
5. Publish

Readers: What are your thoughts on this new feature?

First Posted on nairacoded.com

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How You Can Make Money Online With Bitcoin – Five2btc Review

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How To Make Money With Bitcoin On Five2btc. On Five2btc, We Make A Living By What We Get.

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Exposed: See When MMM Nigeria Will Be Back

This is what MMM did.

The system started becoming shaky the middle of last  month. The first sign was how quick people started getting matched.

It smelt of desperation. They needed money so badly to pay off older investors that they matched people quickly. 

That solved the problem for a while, people still got paid. No problems. But it wasn't enough.

So they introduced the Christmas Bonus, hoping it would increase investments from "helpers" and give them money they would use to stabilize the system.

That didn't work out....

So they made the last move they usually make in countries they go into; they froze everyone's account so people can't withdraw. But right now they still made it possible for people to make payment into the system. Even though you can't withdraw. They hope this would stabilize the system before January

This is the final stage.

MMM would only stand if people continue to invest into the system from now till January.

If people stop, it's over.

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Sweet: Apple planning to add Jet White option to existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flavors

It is already an established culture of Apple to roll in some fresh color options with every of its released smartphone. And for this year, pertaining to the iPhone 7 series, Apple would be gloriously releasing a colour variant of exclusive Jet Black. To lay deep emphasis on its rarity, Apple is making the glossy black color strictly available only on the 256GB as well as the 128GB models.
Sweet: Apple planning to add Jet White option to existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flavors

Delicious: Apple planning to add Jet White option to existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flavors

Yet surfacing of late are reports indicating the possibility of Apple also bringing in an additionally exclusive color to the iPhones, this is not some futuristic plans from Apple, it is something that could happen soonest. This exclusive colour could be Jet White!

No doubt, Jet White surely would have that amazing look on the iPhone 7 as well as on the 7 Plus. This would again resurrect the craze about the iPhone 7 as well as the 7 Plus even after the holiday season.

On the other hand, we can say Apple doesn’t have that reputation of engaging in such releases mid-cycle. But then there is this unique feel to a fresh new color option for the upcoming iPhone generation. Yet, Apple can still spring a surprise on us and transfer our attention to something wholly different at its next event.

From our strategic calculations, there is that strong possibility that Apple could roll out fresh iPad generation early next year. It is even possible we will still be seeing the Jet White variant there too.
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See Proven ways to Triple Your Online Income in 60 Days

You can triple your online income. The truth is, so many people make real money online. The only difference is the volume of income people make. (Actually, some people claim to make money online but they don’t). Some make a three figure income monthly while some make up to six or seven figures every month. No matter where you fit into. The best you can do is to continually work hard and smart so as to increase your online income. And if you don’t make money online or you want to increase your online income, you should read and apply what you will find here.


In this post, I will show and explain to you three proven ways to triple your online income. I stated ‘Proven’ not because someone tried it, and it worked. I am showing you what I have tried and which works for me. You too can use them to triple your online income. The only thing is that you would need to work it out for yourself and get the result you desire. The result you get a measure of the effort you put into these three proven ways. Yours might be either higher than mine or lower than mine.

So what are the three proven ways?

They are as follows;
#1. Get More Customers
#2. Sell More Stuff To Existing Customers
#3. Increase Frequency Of Purchase of what you offer

Of a truth, you can’t earn anything real online if you don’t have a real product to offer or service to render already. Before you start disturbing yourself on how to triple your income, you MUST first start getting income from what you offer. If you don’t have anything to offer, you should go ahead and find that out first before considering tripling your income. It’s simple as easy mathematics. Zero x Three = Zero. Get something real started first.

Are you confused on what to offer so that you can start earning real money online? If yes, I can help you out. I will take you through some series of questions and answers that would help you discover what you can offer for the money. To get this done, simply send me a mail using the contact form on the contact us page. And I would get back to you. And if you know what you have to offer, please read ahead.

#1. Get More Customers
The aim of business (online or offline) is not only to make profits but also to increase business’ customer base. The more the customers you have for your business, the more money you make. To triple your online income, you must work hard and smart to get more customers for your products and services.

Customers in this sense can be likened to the amount of converted traffic you get to your site/blog. The first thing is, get massive traffic to your blog and the second thing is to convert those traffic to paying customers. In order not to sound repetitive, please read how you can generate massive traffic to your blog, products or services and how to convert those traffic into paying customers.

#2. Sell More Stuff To Existing Customers
It is easier for your existing customer to buy from you than a new customer. This is because your existing customer has bought something from you before. He/she trusts you and would gladly buy more things from you. The same thing works for you. Ask yourself why you keep going to that shop to buy something. It’s simply because you have made a good purchase there before.

As you are getting more new customers, you should sell more good stuff to your existing customers. For example, I got customers to buy some tools from me. After they had bought the tools, I made another offer to them. This offer was designed to help them use the tools. I got more sales. With this, it means one customer can keep buying more things from you. Imagine if you have more customers, and you keep selling more good stuff to them.

Don’t be afraid of selling more good stuff to your existing customers. They would buy from you. A warning is, don’t oversell. Sell only when appropriate. Sell only what people need. You can’t keep selling over and over again and expect your customers to still stay with you.

#3. Increase Frequency of Purchase for what you offer.
To crown the proven ways, you need to increase the frequency of purchase of the things you offer. You do this by offering ONLY what people need. For example, let’s say you sell blank books, you should also sell pens to the people that buy the book. This is because they would need a pen to write in the book they buy. This is how to increase the frequency at which people buy what you offer.

While doing the three proven ways consistently, you would find out that your online income is increasing over time. This is how to triple your online income. If you are not increasing your online income, your online business is as good as dead. You should act on the proven ways so as to increase your online income starting today. Get more customers, sell more to your existing customers and increase the frequency of your customer’s purchase.
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3 Ways To Make Money with LindaIkejiSocial.com

 3 Ways To Make Money  with LindaIkejiSocial.com
LindaIkejiSocial.com was launched yesterday as a social networking site with a twist. Apart from allowing you to share memories, connect with friends, read breaking news from Linda Ikeji's blog, you can also MAKE MONEY on the Linda Ikeji Social Network. Awesome...huh?

Well, below are the ways you can make money on Linda Ikeji Social :

1. Submit Original Stories

You can make money by submitting stories on Linda Ikeji Social.

LIS will pay you N1,000 per approved story. For your story to be approved for payment, it must be exclusive and original. Payments will reflect in the "wallet" section of your LIS profile.

Imagine, submitting 10 exclusive news to LIS in a day. That's N10,000. Not bad if you are not yet making reasonable money online and if Adsense is not yet making sense on your blog...lol

To submit exclusive news on LIS, sign in and click on "Submit Story" button.

2. Adverts On Your LIS Business Page

You can also make money through the business pages you create on LIS.

According to Linda Ikeji, if your LIS business page has at least 50,000 followers, LIS will use your page to advertise goods and services for their clients. Hence, you will get a share of what advertisers pay LIS to advertise on the platform.

You will get 20% of whatever advertisers pay for each banner.

If your business page followers get to 100,000, two banners will be placed on your page and you will earn double of the amount i.e x2 of the 20% per banner. Cool...huh?

3. LIS Giveaways

Every week, LIS will be giving out cash, prizes, recharge cards and other amazing freebies etc So, this is another way you can make money on LIS.

You have to be part of the community to find out what LIS will be giving away. Just click on the "Giveaways" button to know what's up.

Join LIS and Follow me at : https://www.lindaikejisocial.com/profile/engr-nnamani
You can click here to watch the Linda Ikeji video where she talks about how to make money on LIS.

What's your take on this?
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Zoto Nigeria Gives Free Airtime,See how to get it here

You more likely than not knew about zoto couple of months back, it gives you free N1000 energize when your companions download the application by means of your connection, and revive with it paying little heed to the sum. Your companion will get free N1000 and you too will get free N1000.
Zoto Nigeria Gives Free Airtime,See how to get it here

The uplifting news is that, it is back again however this time around you have to use the open door before the offer finishes.

>>You can procure up to N5,000 or more
>>You can get rebates and half money back when you revive with the application
>>Invite a companion and gain N1000 on your companion first revive
>>You can gain N1000 on your first revive
>>Invite upto 50 companions!
>>You can see your gain money and utilize them to revive or purchase information
>>Fastest Recharge: Complete your online revive exchange inside seconds.
>>Prepaid Mobile revive for every significant administrator in Nigeria including Airtel, Etisalat, MTN and Glo

… and part more.

Terms and Conditions For Referal

· Applicable just on first effective revive

· Applicable just when installment is done through ATM/Debit/Credit card.

· A card can be utilized just once to claim referral. You won't get referral compensate if card used to make first installment has been utilized as of now to claim referral by another person.

· Referral reward will be added to ZotoCash inside 24hrs of making effective energize.

· Referral is legitimate on least card exchange estimation of N50.

· Referral is not legitimate on ZotoCash, Netbanking and Virtual Card Transactions.

· The gadget on which the Referee downloads the Zoto App, must not have introduced the Zoto App before.

· The Email ID or potentially Phone number through which the Referee joins with Zoto App, must not have been utilized for joining with the Zoto App prior.

· The versatile number gave by the Referee to accepting the OTP must not have been utilized for getting an OTP for this program prior.

· The gadget on which the Referee downloads the Zoto App ought not be established or Jail-broken.

Neither the Referrer nor the Referee ought to introduce the Zoto App utilizing App Runtime for Chrome, Emulators or Simulators.

Where Can I Download it?

Download it here… when enlisting utilize my referral code damianprof

Will it chip away at my telephone?

Until further notice, it is accessible on iOS and Android clients. Be that as it may, BB10 clients can likewise introduce it.

Note: When you utilize my referral code to enlist, you'll be without given N1000 and I'll be given N1000 too just when you start your first exchange inside the application.
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MMM Nigeria is a community of people providing each other financial help on the principle of reciprocity and benevolence.
Unlike what most uninformed people think, MMM Nigeria is not a bank, MMM Nigeria does not collect your money, MMM Nigeria is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. MMM Nigeria is a community where people help each other. MMM Nigeria gives you a technical platform which helps millions of participants worldwide to connect those who NEED help to those who are ready to PROVIDE help, for FREE. All transferred funds to another participant are your help  given by your own good will to another one, absolutely gratis. If you are completely confident and certain in your actions and make your mind to participate, we kindly ask you to study carefully all warnings and instructions first. In cases of any matter regarding the topic Our online consultants are ready to help and answer all of your questions.
In MMM Nigeria you don’t have to make contracts or pledge your property. In MMM Nigeria there are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps.
The only thing that MMM Nigeria demandss from its participants is to be honest and kind to each other. You ask for financial help when you need it, you give financial help when you are able to do it.
It is important to note that there is no сentral account, where all the System money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from :-)). All the money is only on the banking accounts of the participants themselves!On a lot of thousand and million private accounts. Participants transfer to each other directly, without intermediaries! (What are they for? :-)) In fact, MMM only regulates the process — nothing more.
So the System completely belongs to people. It is a real mutual aid fund where ordinary people help each other.
How does MMM Nigeria work technically?
You declare the willingness to give help (click in your Personal Office (hereinafter PO) “Provide Help”), after which your account will be rewarded with mavro (internal “currency”/scores of the System). Mavros will start growing from the moment of offering the contribution at the rate of 30% per month. (Calculation of reward occurs twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 00:00 GMT.) This sum in Mavro shows how much you can request for yourself.
Say you have announced willingness to assist with N1000. You will be rewarded in your PO with 1000 mavro. And they will immediately start growing! A month later, these N1000 will become 1300 mavro. Accordingly, you will be able to request assistance for N1300.
However, it is not necessary at all to wait for a month. Help can be requested at any time. But only after confirmation of your mavro. What does “after confirmation” mean? It means only after you actually transfer money, i.e. really give assistance to another participant. (But not just declare willingness. :-)) Request for providing help comes to you in your personal office. If you do not do it within 48 hours, you will be removed from the system. (For all eternity. :-))
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How To Use The Recently Added WhatsApp multi-recipient Feature and ‘frequent chats’

There will be little argument as to the fact that WhatsApp is rightly one of the biggest mobile apps in the world. It is no revelation that Zuckerberg’s ambitions are to make WhatsApp everything you want as to a complete experience of textual communications. Fine tuning its efforts to this target, Facebook is not holding anything back as it is bent on pouring as many new features as they can ever make into WhatsApp. The latest of this is multi-message as well as a ‘frequent chats’ module.

How To Use The Recently Added WhatsApp multi-recipient Feature and ‘frequent chats’

The multi-message functionality is quite simple to grab. What it means is that when you are in the process of writing a message which you intend sending out to multiple discrete contacts as well as group chats, you will now long-tap the first recipient. The effect of this is unlocking a multi-selection mode.
After this, you will tap all the planned recipients, follow this by pressing on the arrow button a so as to disseminate your message.

To this end, you will not have to you will not have to copy and paste updates and undertake the stress of sending to multiple parties; with this mode we are introducing in this guide, it is possible to do it all at once.
The ‘frequent chats’ section now overrides your ‘recent chats.’ This is not a generally accepted design as quite a good number of users are still of the preference of having their conversations simply arranged in a reverse chronological order.

For now, we are well expectant that WhatsApp will be furnished with a handsome number of updates in the nearest time to come. The developers have working their way with experiments on image annotating, gif support, not excluding video calling.

So what are your thoughts concerning these updates to WhatsApp? The latest version of WhatsApp is up for grabs at the Google Play Store.
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